Program in Medieval Studies

Medieval Studies DUG

The Medieval Studies DUG is group of concentrators that plans events and activities intended to build a sense of community within the Medieval Studies concentration.

Like other DUGs (Department Undergraduate Groups) at Brown, the Medieval Studies DUG organizes events ranging from study breaks, meals or teas with faculty members, field trips to relevant sites (such as museums or documentary screenings), and more!

For the 2023-24 Academic Year, the Department Undergraduate Group leader is Markus Joerg.

Past DUG Events

Spring 2024

Metropolitan Museum of Art - Field trip to NYC to visit the exhibition"Africa and Byzantium" on Saturday, Feb. 3.

Medieval Studies DUG NYC field trip
Medieval Studies DUG NYC field trip








Fall 2023

Annual Medieval Studies Halloween Soirée - readings from the medieval "spooky" texts by the faculty and concentrators. Performance by the Chatterbox group and also by the MS faculty. Monday, Oct. 30, 2023. Pembroke 202.


Fall 2022

Annual Medieval Studies Halloween Soirée- A fun night of medieval readings, music, and food - Friday, October 29 at 6 PM. Pembroke Hall, 202.

Met Cloisters Field Trip - Field trip to NYC to visit the Spain 100-1200: Art at the Frontiers of Faith exhibition - Saturday, November 20th.

Spring 2021

Cloisters Museum Trip - Virtual tour of the Cloisters Museum (Metropolitan Museum of Art). April 3, 11:00 AM

Fall 2020

Get-to-know-you Activity - September 22, 4:00 PM

Annual Medieval Halloween Soirée with Professors: J. Pucci and E. Bryan - October 31, 6:00 PM 

Meeting the Former MS Concentrators - Sonja Drimmer (Sonja Drimmer, Ph.D. Associate Prof., UMASS Amherst) and James Rowan (Director, Higher Education Strategy & Operations) - November 9, 6:00 PM

Spring 2020

Worcester Art Museum Trip - Saturday, March 8

Fall 2109

Annual Medieval Studies Halloween Soirée - October 30th - Medieval Studies and English DUGs had a joint event titled "Medieval Halloween Soirée," an afternoon of fantastic dramatic readings from faculty and musical performances with a reception to follow.

Fall 2018

Mystic Seaport Museum Trip - Field trip to see the exhibition: "The Vikings Begin: Treasures From Uppsala University, Sweden." - September 29th

"Halloween Event" with the English Department - October 30th

Spring 2019

Medieval Studies Concentration Declaration Day - April 8th

Medieval Cultures focuses on the sixth through the fifteenth centuries and combines interdisciplinary perspectives on this period with an in-depth study of one or two related disciplines.
Select concentration programs pursued by former students provide insight into the mix of courses concentrators have taken in the past.
Late Antique Cultures centers on the third through the ninth centuries inclusive and studies human activity in all its variety unrestricted by the conventional demarcations of “classical” and “medieval.”