Program in Medieval Studies

Sample Concentration Programs

Select concentration programs pursued by former students provide insight into the mix of courses concentrators have taken in the past.

The concentration programs described below were pursued by four concentrators in Medieval Cultures in past years. They provide an idea of the mix of courses selected by these students, who also wrote honors theses. These are just examples. Other students have developed different programs according to their interests.

Sample Program 1

Honors Thesis Topic: Remnants of Epic Poetry in a Thirteenth Century Zamoran Chronicle.


  • Medieval Perspectives
  • The World of Byzantium
  • Survey of Late and Medieval Latin Literature
  • The Classical Tradition in the Middle Ages
  • Women in Medieval Literature
  • Gothic Art and Architecture
  • The Early Middle Ages
  • Medieval History (University of Salamanca)
  • Studies in Spanish Literature of the Middle Ages
  • Aristotle

Sample Program 2

Honors Thesis Topic: The Symbolism of the Dragon in Anglo-Saxon Literature.


  • Medieval Perspectives
  • Introduction to the Study of Medieval Texts
  • Studies in Poetry: Medieval Poets
  • Old English Language and Literature
  • Old English Literature: Beowulf
  • Introduction to Medieval Art
  • Anglo-Saxon Art
  • The High Middle Ages
  • Introduction to Jewish Mysticism

Sample Program 3

Honors Thesis Topic: The Classical Heroine in the Medieval World: Elements of Latin and Greek Myth in the Medieval Legend of Albina


  • Medieval Latin
  • History of the Crusades
  • Early Medieval Europe
  • Chaucer
  • Arts du récit, 1100-1400
  • Chaucer: Canterbury Tales
  • Old English
  • Romances of Medieval Iberia
  • Dante
  • Manuscript, Image, Middle English Text

Sample Program 4

Honors Thesis Topic: Cemeteries Crowned in Ruins: A Study of Memory And the Re-use of Temples in Early Medieval Gaul


  • The Ideal of Self
  • Charlemagne: Conquest, Empire, and the Making of the Middle Ages
  • The Body in Medieval Art
  • Ireland 1000-1250: From Brian Boru to the English Invasion
  • Old English
  • Christianity in Late Antiquity
  • Alcuin
  • The Viking Age
  • The World of Byzantium
  • From Courtly Love to Postmodern Desire

Sample Themes

The following themes are among those that have been pursued by other concentrators:

  • The Medieval Islamic World
  • Medieval Judaism
  • Spain in the Middle Ages
  • Medieval Lingustics
  • Medieval Languages and Lyric Poetry
  • Medieval Archaeology
  • Late Latin Poetry
Medieval Cultures focuses on the sixth through the fifteenth centuries and combines interdisciplinary perspectives on this period with an in-depth study of one or two related disciplines.
The Medieval Studies DUG is group of concentrators that plans events and activities intended to build a sense of community within the Medieval Studies concentration.
Late Antique Cultures centers on the third through the ninth centuries inclusive and studies human activity in all its variety unrestricted by the conventional demarcations of “classical” and “medieval.”