Program in Medieval Studies

Current Year Courses

Courses on Medieval topics 2022-2023.

Fall 2022

CLAS 1120G - Idea of Self, J. Pucci
LATN 1110L - Medieval Latin Lyric, J. Pucci

ENGL 0150C - The Medieval King Arthur (FYS), E. Bryan
ENGL 0300M - Medieval Gender, M. Min
ENGL1310T - Chaucer, E. Bryan

HMAN 1975R - Religion from Below, M. Satlow

JUDS 0063 - Antisemitism: A History, M. Satlow

Spring 2023

"The Medieval Book and the Corpus of Knowledge" module let by William Monroe (John Hay Library)

MDVL 0360 – Medieval Bodies: Medieval Perspectives, team-taught

CLAS 1815 - On the Edges of the Roman World   [new class], J. Pucci
LATN1110H - Literature at the Court of Charlemagne, J. Pucci

COLT 0510K - The 1001 Nights, E. Muhanna
COLT 0711L - The Quran and its Readers, E. Muhanna

ENGL 0300F  - Beowulf to Aphra Behn: The Earliest British Literatures, E. Bryan
ENGL 1361Q - Medieval Race, M. Min